Installing Beagle React

Here, you’ll find how to install Beagle on your web’s application, considering Angular or React’s frameworks.


Beagle React’s current version:badge

Step 1: Install Beagle’s library

Navigate to the root of your react project and run one of the commands below according to the package manager of your preference.

If you use Yarn:

yarn add @zup-it/beagle-react

If you use npm:

npm install --save @zup-it/beagle-react

Next Steps

On this section, you made Beagle’s initial installation on your application!
Now, keep configuring Beagle:

👉Go to initial configurations to enable the use of Beagle on your Web project.

👉 If you want to go straight to practice, access our tutorial to create a project from zero.

Last modified October 8, 2021: Adds links to framework docs (#789) (fcf7a1e1)