Beagle for ios

You will find here the main classes that are part of Beagle’s framework for iOS.

These are Beagle for iOS classes:

Beagle's dependencies

You will find here information about Beagle’s iOS dependencies and properties.

Beagle Screen View Controller

This section shows information on how to create the Beagle Screen View Controller class

Beagle View

On this section, you find informations about Beagle View for iOS and how to use it.

Custom Beagle Navigation Controller

You will find how to use Beagle Navigation Controller to handle the server-driven screen state.

Custom Action

You will find here how to create a CustomAction class and a description about the methods

Custom Widgets

You will find here, how to create a component and a Custom widgets class

Deeplink Handler

In this section, you will find information about Beagle’s deeplink handler for iOS.


You will find here the description of ImageDownloader, the description about its methods and how you can change it.

Log System

Loading and Error Treatment

Navigation Animation

You will find here information about Navigation.

Network Layer

You will find here information about Beagles’s network layer and how to modify it.


Information about how to use and install Sourcery

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