Screen Request

In this section, you will find all informations about Screen Request.

What is it?

The Screen Request is an internal Beagle class used to request which screen you want to display. This class is used when you will need to call a Server-Driven page you want to load from an activity or a native fragment on Android.

At first, you will only list the URL attribute that referencing the page you want to load from BFF.

However, this class has other attributes, which can be used when transitioning between screens.

URLStringDefines the endpoint that returns the screen or component you wish to display.
methodScreenMethodIt is an ENUM class that defines which HTTP operation you wish to do. It works as a HTTP REQUEST METHOD and it is set as GET by default.
headersMap<String, String>It is used when you need to send data via an HTTP header.
bodyStringIt is set default as null and it just needs to be implemented when you need to send a HTTP messages as body data.


It is an ENUM and the values are:

GETThe GET method requests a representation of a specific resource. Requests using the method GET must return only data.
POSTThe POST method is used to submit an entity to a specific resource, frenquetly causing a change in the resource state or colateral effects on the server.
PUTThe PUT method replaces all the current representation of the target resources with the data of the request.
DELETEThe DELETE method removes a specific resource.
HEADThe HEAD method request an answer the same way the GET method does, however without a response body.
PATCHThe PATCH method is used to apply partial modifications in a resource.

How to use it?

To start a new Activity, you have to use the startActivity() method from an Activity or a Fragment creating a ServerDrivenIntent passing through a ScreenRequest with the BFF’s address of the screen, like the example below:


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