You will find here Confirm definition and its attributes details

What is it?

confirm class is responsible for creating a confirmation modal element.

Confirm structure is:

titleString or BindingTitle of the confirmation box.
messageString or BindingConfirmation box message.
onPressOkActionConfirm button action.
onPressCancelActionCancel button action.
labelOkStringConfirmation button message.
labelCancelStringCancel button message.

How to use it?

Button(text = "Confirm Example",
       onPress = listOf(
            Confirm(title = "Confirm Title",
                    message = "Confirm Message",
                    onPressOk = Alert(
                                    title = "Ok", 
                                    message = "Confirmed"),
                    onPressCancel = Alert(
                                    title = "Cancel", 
                                    message = "Cancelled"),
                    labelOk = "Accept",
                    labelCancel = "Deny"

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