Navigation Bar

What is it?

A class that defines a navigation bar in the top of the screen and it’s composed by the following attributes:

titleStringTitle for the action/navigation’s bar.
show back buttonBoolEnables the return bottom on the action/navigation’s bar. Default is true.
style idStringAllows local customization for the action/navigation’s bar.
navigation bar itemsNavigation Bar ItemDefines an item’s list for the action/navigation’s bar.
back button accessibilityAccessibilityAccessibility’s informations of the backButton.

What is a NavigationBarItem?

A class that defines an item for Navigation's bar and and it has the following attributes:

textStringTitle for the bar’s item.
imageImageImage for the bar’s item.
actionActionAction that can be done when you click on the navigations bar item.
accessibilityAccessibilityAccessibiliy’s options for the navigation item.
idStringComponent’s identifier.

How to use it?

        navigationBar = NavigationBar(
            title = "Beagle Screen",
            navigationBarItems = listOf(
                    text = "",
                    image = Local.justMobile("informationImage"),
                    action = Alert(
                        title = "Screen",
                        message = "Some message",
                        labelOk = "OK"
        child = Container(
            children = listOf(
                Text("Some text")