Here you’ll find all about screen’s components and its attributes details.

What is it?

Your screen has attributes and components that can be used and configured. On the table below, we listed the main characteristics from each of these attributes.

identifierStringAttribute that globally identifies a screen in your application so you can attributes actions for it.
safe areaSafe AreaSpecifies a screen’s component position.
navigation barNavigation BarAllows action/navigation’s bar on the screen.
childServer-Driven ComponentDefine screen’s elements. It can be any visual component that extends toServerDrivenComponent.
styleStyleProvide visual customization options to the screen.
screen analytics eventScreen EventConfigure analytics elements to your screen.
contextContextDataScreen’s context.

How to use it?

        navigationBar = NavigationBar(
            title = "Beagle Screen",
            showBackButton = true,
            navigationBarItems = listOf(
                    text = "",
                    image = Local.justMobile("informationImage"),
                    action = Alert(
                        title = "Screen",
                        message = "Some message",
                        labelOk = "OK"
        child = Container(
            children = listOf(
                Text("Some text")

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