ScrollView component description and its attributes details

What is it?

Scroll View is a container that shows the preview components by layout scroll.

See how the structure is represented:

<ServerDriven Component>
Defines the attributes list to be displayed in the layout view.
scrollDirectionScrollAxisDefines the scroll direction on the screen. It can be modify according to the ScrollAxis class. By default, it has the VERTICAL value.
scrollBarEnabledBooleanSets if the scroll bar will be displayed or not. This configuration is true by default.
contextContextDataSets a context to scroll view.


It is an ENUM, the values are:

VERTICALDefines the scroll as vertical.
HORIZONTALDefines the scroll as horizontal.

How to use it?

ScrollView(scrollDirection = ScrollAxis.VERTICAL,
           children = listOf(
                Text("Vertical ScrollView"),
                Text("Vertical ScrollView"),
                Text("Vertical ScrollView")