How to contribute with the documentation

Follow the steps required so your contribution can be accepted by Beagle developers team.

Introdution to Hugo

Requirements to contribute

All contributions are welcome, but to get starting contributing to Beagle it is good to have in mind these recommendations:

How to contribute

Editing a page

  • To edit content, simply navigate to the page to be edited using the left side menu or the search field. Then click on the “Edit this page” button, located on the right side menu.

  • Once this is done, you will be redirected to the source file hosted on github in edit mode. Okay, now just edit the file. Then, open a pull request using the github website, filling out the form as shown in the image below:

Adding images

  • Images in this documentation are saved at a folder called shared at /static/shared. To add new images to the doc just copy them into this folder. From there, all images are accessible from any page or sub-page in the documentation.

  • To load images on a page use the markdown interface for images (without adding a title) and list the address as /shared/image-name as follows:


Creating a new page

  • To create a page, the process is similar to editing. Navigate to the location where you want to create a page (use the left side menu), in this case, instead of “Edit this page”, click on “Create child page” located on the right side menu of the page.

Opening an issue

  • To help us identify problems in general, be it styling, reading, organizing or code architecture of the documentation, just open an issue using the “Create a documentation issue” button located on the right side menu of the page.

  • Then you will be redirected to a github page with a label and a pre-established standard template for opening an issue, but feel free to edit the suggested template and propose the changes that make the most sense for your contribution.

Fork our repository

  • If you already have the basic knowledge of markdown, hugo, shortcodes and gitflow, feel free to fork our repository and suggest changes using your preferred text editor. If you have any questions, read our FAQ, open an issue, or contact us via our email

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