In this section, you’ll find how to install Beagle in your Flutter application.


This is the library responsible for rendering a Beagle JSON (payload) in Flutter.


Every alpha and beta version of Beagle Flutter will follow the pattern 0.x.y, where x is the version of Beagle Web it’s based on and y is every subsequent version where x would be the same.

In the version number, x refers to a version of the Beagle Web, because Beagle Flutter uses this lib under the hood.

Null safety compatibility

For now, we don’t support null safety for the alpha versions. It will be available soon.


Follow the steps to install:

  1. Open the file pubspec.yaml in the root of your project;
  2. Under dependencies, add beagle: ^0.9.0-alpha, or the most recent version;
  3. Add beagle_components: ^0.9.0-alpha. You can omit this dependency if you’re familiar with Beagle and won’t use any of the default components;
  4. In your IDE (Android Studio or Visual Studio Code), click pub get. Or, from the terminal, type flutter pub get.

Next Steps

In this section, you made Beagle’s initial installation in your application!
Now, keep configuring Beagle:

👉 Go to initial configurations to enable the use of Beagle on your Flutter project.