Here you will find libraries to help when you want to start a project using beagle for iOS.These libs will facilitate the initial Beagle configuration in a project, avoiding some steps, and starting studies quicker.

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Getting started

To start using Beagle right now, you can use the libs below:

  • Beagle-Scaffold: This lib will hold almost all configurations needed to start using Beagle in your project. We advise using these libs for people that never used Beagle before.

  • Beagle-Defaults: This lib is meant for more experienced Beagle users and will hold only a few class configurations necessary to use Beagle in an application. These configurations include default Network, Logger and Cache classes. All these are also available in the Scaffold lib above.

Beagle Scaffold

Here you will find the Beagle-Scaffold library to help you start a project using Beagle in iOS. It holds almost all necessary configurations to do it.

Beagle Defaults

This framework provides default implementations of a Network client, Cache control and Logger that can be easily embedded and used in your Beagle project.