Customized Serializer Deserializer

In this section, you will find a description of how to create a Serializer / Deserializer using Beagle and details of the methods it implements.

Serializer / Deserializer


Beagle offers a customized serializer/deserializer set through a BeagleTypeAdapter interface. With this Adapter it is possible to map any class, including classes that represent concrete types, such as the Integer class. You can see the interface contract below:

interface BeagleTypeAdapter<T> {
    fun fromJson(json: String) : T
    fun toJson(type: T) : String


This example creates an adapter for the Person interface that is extended from the data class PersonImpl that has only a name attribute as a String type.

In order to create an adapter you must:

  1. Create a class that will be your adapter and annotate it with a@ RegisterBeagleAdapter. In this example we named this class as PersonAdapter ;
  2. Declare which class you want to map with this adapter. Here, PersonImpl data class is implemented as an example.;
  3. Extend the adapter (PersonAdapter) class from the BeagleTypeAdapter Interface, informing the class to be mapped on;
  4. When extending the interface you must implement the fromJson and toJson methods, check out the example below:
interface Person

data class PersonImpl(val name: String) : Person

class PersonAdapter : BeagleTypeAdapter<Person> {

    override fun fromJson(json: String): Person {
        val rootObject = JSONObject(json)
        return PersonImpl(rootObject.getString(KEY))

    override fun toJson(type: Person): String {
        type as PersonImpl
        val rootObject = JSONObject()
        return rootObject.toString()

FromJson method

This method takes a JSONObject as a string and returns an instance of the mapped class (Person).

ToJson method

This method takes the mapped data type (Person) and returns a JSONObject as a string.

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