Custom Actions

In this section, you will find information on how to create and use your own actions in Beagle Flutter.

How to create custom actions?

It’s simple to create a custom actions in Beagle Flutter, you need to:

  • Declare a map that follows the struct Map<String, ActionHandler>;
  • Pass it to the initialization method BeagleSdk.init.

This struct tells Beagle which action to trigger when a given identifier comes from a JSON.

String key definition

The String key of the map is the _beagleAction_ property in JSON that identifies the action type. You can name it whatever you like, as long as the prefix is ​​custom:.

ActionHandler value definition

The ActionHandler value of the map is a function that receives a:

  1. BeagleAction;
  2. BeagleView;
  3. BeagleUIElement;
  4. BuildContext.

It follows the strcut void Function({BeagleAction action, BeagleView view, BeagleUIElement element, BuildContext context}). These parameters are available because they provide all the information needed to trigger an event, such as context and the action coming from JSON.


Follow these steps to learn how to create and use your own custom actions:

Step 1: Create the action identifier

You have to define the identifier. Here, let’s name it custom:log.

Step 2: Create the action

Create your action regardless of Beagle implementation. For this example we used a simple function, see below:

void debug(String message) {

Step 3: Create the custom actions map

Create the struct that it will pass to Beagle:

Map<String, ActionHandler> myCustomActions = {
  'custom:log': ({action, view, element, context}) {

Step 4: Pass the map to Beagle

For Beagle to be able to trigger your action, pass the map you just created through the Beagle init method:

  actions: myCustomActions,

That’s it! Now you can use your custom action with Beagle Flutter!