Local images

You will find here information on how to register your local images.

Beagle components normally refer to images by an id, see the example below:

  "_beagleComponent_": "beagle:image",
  "path": {
    "_beagleImagePath_": "local",
    "mobileId": "zup-logo"

Above, the image component refers to zup-logo. For this to work, this id must be registered in Beagle. To register images that can be used for beagle, you must provide a map in the configuration at beagle-service.ts. See the example below:

import zupLogo from '../assets/zup-logo.png'
// ...

export default createBeagleUIService({
  // ...
  localAssetsPath: {
    'zup-logo': zupLogo,

The image must exist in your assets folder, in this case, located at src/assets. If Typescript complains, you can create a src/globals.d.ts file with the following content:

declare module '*.png'