Beagle Service Parameter

You will find here, what are the Beagle Service parameters.

Beagle Service

To use the Beagle library, it is necessary to create a Beagle Service setup to know where and how to search for server-driven screens.

On React you can easily create a Beagle Service through the function createBeagleService(beagleServiceOptions)

On Angular the base code is automatically generated and the properties can be modify and added on beagle.module.ts.

The configuration object has the following properties:

baseUrlstringURL to the server with screens (JSON) on Beagle format.
componentsMap<string,Component>A components map that will be rendered through Beagle’s library. The values are key pairs and value where the key is identifier Beagle will always start by beagle: or custom:. The value will always be the component connected to identifier.
strategyStrategybeagle-with-fallback-to-cacheCache strategy applied on requests of the server screen.
fetchDatafetchIt allows to add a customized function t to make HTTP requests.
analyticsAnalyticsIt allows the use of handlers to the tag capture of some events.
customActionsMap<string,ActionHandler>A customized action map that can be interpreted by Beagle’s library. It is a key and value map where the key will always be an identifier starting by beagle: or custom: and the value will be the ActionHandler connected to that action.
lifecyclesLifeCycleHookA global map to add lifecycles behaviors of the components. Each cycle happens on the screen renderization process, before the components become HTML.
customStorageStoragelocalStorageIt replaces the localStorage default of the browsers.
useBeagleHeadersbooleantrueIt uses or not Beagle’s specific headers when it requests to the server screens.
navigationControllersMap<string, NavigationController>It allows you to add control options of the visual response, like show the no items of loading and errors components.