Standard headers

Here you will find the default headers' description and how to disable them

Beagle Web sends two types of headers that are a standart for Beagle:

  1. beagle-platform: header used to indicate to the backend that this request came from the Web. This way, the value is sent is always WEB.
  2. beagle-hash: header used to make Beagle’s cache protocol work properly.

By default, these headers are always sent, however they can be disabled by the useBeagleHeaders parameter in the config.

See below the examples on how to disable the headers request on Angular and React’s configuration.

  baseUrl: 'http://localhost:4200/assets',
  module: {
    path: './beagle-components.module',
    name: 'BeagleComponentsModule',
  components: {},
  useBeagleHeaders: false
export class Beagle { }
export default createBeagleUIService({
  baseUrl: "",
  components: {},
  useBeagleHeaders: false

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