This section provide some backend libs that will help you to use Beagle with gRPC.

Beagle gRPC for Backend

In this section, you will find all information related to a backend Library that provides a gRPC service allowing your gRPC application to support Beagle Screens.

Beagle gRPC for Web

In this section, you will find information about the client and the CLI of gRPC for Beagle Web (Angular and React).

Beagle gRPC for Android

Here you will find the beagle-grpc-android library to help you use gRPC in a project using Beagle in Android. This lib will hold almost all necessary configuration to add gRPC into a Beagle Android project.

Beagle gRPC for iOS

This framework provides a client to communicate with Beagle using gRPC.